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The Neo Network - Review


What Is The Neo Network?

The Neo Network (Never Ending Opportunity) is a team building network specifically designed to help everyone in the network make money.

It was created by a very successful network marketer, Kris Darty.

When Kris started network marketing, just 2 years ago, he was living in a 1960′s trailer in Toledo, Ohio.  He was living on $600 per month unemployment to support his family.  He was fortunate to quickly get connected with some great mentors in the network marketing arena.

He took their advice and very quickly became a success.

Since then Kris has become a top producer/earner in several different network marketing companies.

Not long ago, he came to the realization that he was able to get a lot of people to join anything he wanted to and could pretty easily make money at will…


He also realized that while he was making all this money, almost his entire team was struggling.

It did not matter how hard he tried to train them how to do what he could do, for whatever reason, most people just could not duplicate his success.

The Neo Network Vision

So, because of that, Kris wanted to figure out a way to change that…

He talked with other successful marketers and asked them what could be done to help his team make money.  They would all tell him the same thing…  ”That’s just how it is” or “You are just going to have to accept it.”

But Kris would not just accept it.  He was just fed up with making a ton of money and, at the same time, seeing his team stay broke.  He was so fed up with it, in fact, that he just stopped marketing all together for a while.

He became determined to find an answer to this dilema.

What he created to solve this major problem with the network marketing world is The Neo Network

This vision is going to revolutionize the network marketing industry…

It will help people who have been struggling for months, even years, finally be able to create and extraordinary income online and escape the J.O.B. matrix!

The Neo Network – The Details

The Neo Network was created in May, 2013 when Kris shared his vision with a small group of people to test his idea.

He explained what the Neo Network is all about and that the network will be joining a new opportunity as a team every 3 months or so.  By joining as a team they will be creating instant downlines in everything they join.

As a member of The Neo Network there is a monthly fee of $100.  As of now, that fee is waved for 3 months (may change later).  The monthly fee is used for marketing for the network as a whole, as well as network maintenance.

One of the most attractive features of The Neo Network is that as the group attracts more people to sign up, the new people are placed under each other in each opportunity that they join.  This ensures that everyone makes money, not just the top 2-3% as is the industry standard.

When The Neo Network joins a new opportunity people are placed in the opportunity matrix in the order that they join.  They are also placed in the most optimal way to maximize the comp plan in each opportunity for all.

Current Neo Network Opportunities

The Neo Network is currently only 3 months old and will begin their group marketing to the public next week.

The 1st opportunity within The Neo Network is Leaf International.  Leaf is an advertising platform where you can advertise up to 16 websites in what they call the Social Web Optimizer (SWO).  It has a rev-share comp plan where you can earn a daily advertising rebate, commissions from your downline purchases 2 levels deep, as well as a 3×9 matrix pool.  Daily ad rebate is earned by viewing and rating 20 websites and giving an advanced review for 3 of those 20 websites every day.

Leaf Comp Plan

Leaf Income Disclosure


The Neo Network joined the 2nd opportunity last week – Wake Up Now.  Wake Up Now products include a buying club (discounts or cash back on merchandise), a travel club (discounted travel packages), and a financial software suite to help you organize, budget, and keep track of your finances.  The comp plan is impressive and is a great fit for the Neo Network because it is designed to encourage team building – when you get to certain points in the comp plan you cannot make more money unless your team is making money.

Wake Up Now Comp Plan

Wake Up Now Income Disclosure

To learn more about The Neo Network and join CLICK HERE

The Neo Network

Rev Up Daily Review


What is Rev Up Daily?

Rev Up Daily is a brand new network marketing technology membership.  For $199 per year you have access to each new technology platform that they come out with.  The plan is to introduce 2-3 new products per year to keep you at the forefront of the network marketing technology space.

The first Rev Up Daily product is their Capture Page Technology (CPT).  You can customize this generic capture page to promote any program or website you wish.  It also comes with real time data management and an autoresponder series to follow up with your prospects.  You can even add video to your capture pages.

The next product that Rev Up Daily plans to release it their Mobile Marketing Platform (MMP).  With this product you will be able to market and track your business through mobil texting.  The MMP will be released ing the next 3-4 months.

How can you make money with Rev Up Daily?

The Rev Up Daily comp plan is pretty amazing…

For your $199 yearly membership you will be entered into a 2×3 matrix.  To fill your 2×3 matrix you will need a total of 14 group sales.  This means you will be filling your matrix as a team.

Once your 2×3 matrix is complete you will be entered into a new 2×3 matrix as well as a 1×2 matrix AND a 2×10 bonus pool matrix.   You will also receive a voucher that can be used to sponsor a new member at no cost to them.

Your 1×2 matrix is filled by 2 people who you personally sponsor who have completed their 2×3 matrix.  When this happens you will be paid $1,000 INSTANTLY to your Standard Trust Pay (STP) account.  When your 1×2 matrix is complete you will automatically start a new one.

The 2×10 Back end Matrix Pays a commission on each level EACH time a cycle occurs on the 2×3 and 2×1.  At a total of 2048, that is a potential for $50,000+ on the Back end Matrix!

Rev Up Daily Review Summary

  • Only $199 per year
  • No monthly fees
  • Mass appeal product – stay on the cutting edge of network marketing technology
  • Instant pay – each time you qualify you will be paid instantly to your STP account…  No waiting days, weeks, or months to receive your money.
  • Multi matrix payout – get paid on 3 separate matrices over and over again.
  • Never lose your people – the people you sponsor will follow you into your 1×2 and 2×10 matrices.
  • No spliting boards
  • Auto re-entries – each time you finish (cycle) a matrix you will automatically start a new one.
  • Back end residual – the back end 2×10 bonus pool matrix has a $50,000+ payout potential.  Rev Up Daily has just launched and is growing rapidly – NOW is the time to position yourself before everyone finds out about it.
  • Global sign-ups – this is a global opportunity that anyone in the world can be a part of.

Click here to learn more about this incredible opportunity and to join today.

You can also call in to their daily conference call at 10pm (EST).  The number is  (530)881.1300  Pin: 800071#


MLM Tips


MLM Tips to Expand Your Business

Instead of struggling along on your own with your MLM business, the best idea is to have a look at the tactics that other successful network marketing pros have used to realized success in their own enterprises, and copy their methods.

You may well think it is unethical, nevertheless it is done all of the time, and it actually is the quickest way to success.

Here are seven MLM tips we have discovered that have been used by top internet marketing producers repeatedly.  Therefore, ultimately, there must be great value hidden in these nuggets of knowledge.

MLM Tips – #1

If you do not treat what you do in MLM as a business then you have the incorrect mind-set.  Many people confuse social marketing with a spare time pursuit.  Hobbies cost money, social marketing pays cash.

MLM Tips – #2

Schedule time to build your home-based business.

Everything in life that is crucial we schedule.  You set your alarm clock because not showing up for work late is critical to keep you job.

You plan and schedule a vacation because rest and relaxation is important.  So if you’re serious about building a business, schedule time to work on your business.

MLM Tips – #3

Take the time to write out short term and long-term financial goals.

Goals are like sign posts.  They are built to keep you targeted and keep you on track.  If you don’t know where you are going, how do you ever expect to get there?

MLM Tips – #4

The 2 ways you earn money in MLM promoting is by selling product and recruiting new team members.  Sponsoring new members is needed for success and to meet your monetary goals – you also get paid when you sponsor new members.

You should dedicate the majority of your time to recruiting and sponsoring your down line.

MLM Tips – #5

The more folks that you get your product in front of in social marketing, the more successful you’ll be.  That means that you will need to have an efficient way to generate qualified leads.  Leads.  More leads.  An ever ending supply of leads!  The more qualified leads you can get, the more successful you will be.

MLM Tips – #6

Duplicating someone else’s strategies may work for some.  You need to find how to take big action by yourself and build your own methodologies which you can then pass on to your down line.  A good leader will always disclose how he does things to his team members.  There’s an old expression about doing the same things again and again without getting results – insanity is expecting to get better results when repeating the same techniques.  You must lead by example.  Take control and stick out from the pack.

MLM Tips – #7

In the beginning you’ll need cash flow and the easiest way to generate that cash is by utilizing attraction marketing.  Show your team how you have used attraction marketing to your advantage.  This is going to help keep your down line because they too will be generating sorely-needed money.

After all the effort you have put into recruiting a good team, with adequate cash flow you can be sure your team will stick around.

You Can Learn All The Best MLM Tips Inside Empower Network

It does not matter what business you are currently running.  If you are marketing online, the information you will learn in Empower Network products will help take you business to the next level and beyond.

If you are not currently building a business, but are looking for a new way to make money, again, Empower Network is your best option.  You will not only get the best education that you can get for making money online, but you will have the tools to do it AND earn 100% commissions!

CLICK HERE to learn more about Empower Network.

MLM Network Marketing Leads


How to Produce MLM Network Marketing Leads - 7 Easy Steps to Produce MLM Network Marketing Leads Fast

It could be tempting to buy leads so that you can get your MLM or network marketing business off the ground so to speak.  But, in fact, it is not a good idea unless you are completely sure those leads are fresh, not recycled and completely relevant to your business.

It is easy to become impatient at the start – you need to start making some money after all.  But purchasing leads will often only lead you into a lot of work without any results.  A good way to get good MLM network marketing leads is by joining Empower Network – a much better way to spend your cash than on crappy leads.

You Want Highly Qualified MLM Network Marketing Leads – not Just Any Old Lead

Understand that what you want are highly qualified leads or hot leads.  They are going to offer you a much better return on your investment.  Even if you’re generating leads online from whatever source you find best; social promoting, by using opt in boxes on your blogs, or maybe through the use of SEO to attract organic leads.  It takes just as much time to get a hot lead as it does a stone cold lead!

Attraction Marketing Builds Qualified MLM Network Marketing Leads

The cool thing about the web is you can position yourself as being an expert about your product right from day one, even if you’re not.  By building a blog or a website to market your product, you can slowly reveal everything about your product, even as you learn yourself.  The essence of attraction marketing is perhaps obvious.  For those who do not understand what it implies, you are presenting yourself as an expert and building relationships with visitors on your internet site or blog.  Offer tips and useful guidance so you build trust.

This is precisely how sales are made in the “real world.”  If you’re purchasing a new auto you are more likely to buy from an experienced salesperson, who can answer your questions about the car truthfully, and who is informed.

What to Do with Good MLM Network Marketing Leads

Qualified MLM network marketing leads are individuals who are already interested in your opportunity and could have made contact with you immediately through your internet site.  They are already sold on the idea of network marketing, and they are, no doubt, looking at your opportunity together with a number of others.  Do not put these people on the back shelf and worry about the closing process as you are already half way there.

They might need more info – give it to them.  You could have got their telephone number through your lead capture page, so go on and call them.  There’s little to be afraid of, though many new social marketers are frightened to screw up this final step in the sales process.

If you have done everything correctly, supplied all of the help and information they want, they may just need a fast call so they make the commitment.  Frequently all that it will take is an agreeable phone call from you to seal the deal.

It is certainly simpler to close someone that trusts you and has an interest in the product than by going through the long drawn out process with a uncommitted lead.


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